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Welcome to Neurodiversity with Dr. Cre

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Welcome to Pegasus Consulting, Assessment, and Psychological Services (or PCAPS, to save us all a lot of time ;)). I’m Dr. Eileen Crehan, founder of PCAPS, and I am so glad you have found us!

Understanding autism in adolescence and adulthood and improving access to services is my passion. Too often, autism is thought of as a childhood disorder. As autistic people grow into adults, services drop off and professionals with training in this diagnosis become few and far between. Our goal at PCAPS is to help address this gap by offering services that are tailored to the needs of autistic adults.

This takes a few forms. First, developmentally appropriate adult assessments. Many of the folx I have worked with have long wondered if they have autism. Or they have a whole list of diagnoses but none that feel “right.” I also oftentimes connect with parents of kiddos who were recently diagnosed, and they recognized some of themselves as they learned more about autism. Some diagnostic clarity can be really empowering for people to take next steps!

Our second area of service relates to sexuality and relationship education. Too often, this is a topic that gets skipped over. It can be uncomfortable. And historically, there’s a whole lot of stigma hanging around where “sexuality” and “disability” connect. I’ve led groups of teens, adults, parents, teachers, doctors, psychologists, etc etc to try to increase access to this important information, in an open, educational, and lighthearted way.

And finally, toreally directly address service gaps, we offer trainings, both on autism in adolescence and adulthood, and sexuality. Whether a brief one-time presentation or a longer term relationship, I love bringing my clinical experience and program design skills to medical organizations, work places, and schools to help providers/support systems/advocates make their own spaces and processes as accessible as possible.

Besides running PCAPS, I keep myself busy playing with my daughter, decorating cakes, cross stitching sassy feminist phrases, and enjoying a good cup of tea and a book. I’m really lucky to love my work and so excited to infuse PCAPS with autism accessibility practices that I wish existed all over. My goal is to make you feel comfortable to facilitate you reaching your goals, as a self-advocate, as a parent, as a provider. If you’re interested in moving forward with more confidence, more resources, and more clarity on your goals, (and maybe a few corny puns along the way, I apologize in advance!), shoot us a text, email, call, we are excited to see how we can help!

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