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Parent groups

"I can't wait to explain sex to my children" said almost no parents, ever. Through our parent sexuality and relationship group series, caregivers practice skills to navigate challenging conversations proactively and confidently. Join us to take on topics such as identity, consent, internet safety, and development with an extra dose of social support!

Implementation Planning

Trainings and speaking engagements

Dr. Crehan offers trainings with mental health organizations, medical centers, and advocacy organizations at the local, national, and international levels. Visit our website for links to past talks.

Past presentation topics include:

  • Sexuality and relationship education for autistic individuals

  • Autism in adulthood

  • Making healthcare spaces accessible for autistic patients

  • Autism and mental health

Contact us to collaborate on designing a training or presentation that meets the needs of your organization!

Assessment services

Are you wondering if you are autistic? Are you already diagnosed but are concerned that some mental health symptoms are being overlooked or need more attention? As a licensed clinical psychologist with years of experience working with autistic adults, Dr. Crehan will work collaboratively with you to assess your strengths and map out resources and supports where you need them.

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